Softlanding Slash is a specialist product manufactured by Bassett Barks Pty Ltd from pine bark to stringent Australian Standards for use as Playground Surfacing.
Softlanding Slash is spread on top of the surface in and around the play area (as per installation instructions) to provide a layer of soft material to insulate the child from impact with the ground surface.

Softlanding Slash complies with Australian Standards for playground surfacing in "Impact Attenuation" and "Fit for Purpose".

To view the Softlanding Slash Standards Compliance Certificate please click here.

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Bassett Barks Pty Ltd Softlanding Slash is manufactured for use as Playground Surfacing; for planning, design, building or maintaining a playground you must consult Australian Standards:

AS 4685:2004 Parts 1-6
AS/NZS 4486.1:1997
AS/NZS 4422:1996
These Australian Standards are available at

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